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Angelique Goode

CEO & Founder

Hi there! I am Angelique Goode, the creator and designator for this astonishing cleaning company. Cleaning can be a tiresome task and it’s a task I’m willing to handle for you to make your routine easier. Growing up, cleaning was mandatory in my household. I grew to love it so much that it cooperated in almost every job I’ve maintained as a working adult.

I currently serve in the USAF as a traditional reservist, and while working in areas like the kitchen, fitness and Lodging. These are areas of high traffic and require a great deal of sanitation, attention to detail and proper cleaning. I have been trained by the best of the best when it comes to in depth cleaning. Also with holding various nursing certificates, I have also served as an aid for home health amongst the elderly home assistance and for the disabled.

I would love to provide my own services within my own crafts and company to better serve the Upstate more often. My goal is not only to establish a cleaning business but to provide an exceptional in depth transparent trustworthy cleaning.

Cleaning isn’t a job, it’s my passion!


Angelique Goode


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